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How is your property performing

Do you know, at a glance, how your property is performing?

Are tenants paying their rent online?
What is your average turnover time?
Are tenants signing their lease online and depositing money in your account before they even move in?
How many maintenance requests are being ignored because of lack of accountability?

If you can’t answer these questions, then how well are your properties really performing and being managing?  Drexel Properties continues to implement cost effective digital solutions that are streamlining our property management and allowing us to focus on customer service  and increasing revenue. We are improving cash management by having our tenants sign leases and pay rent online through our tenant portal.  Better than ever in the past, we have a clear handle on turnover — shortening the time and reducing the effort to ready apartments for new renters.  In this digital age, encouraging tenants to submit maintenance requests online streamlines the work order process and promotes accountability among our maintenance staff and vendors.  As a result of these efficiencies, we are finding new ways to generate additional revenue.  And best of all, our tenants are happier than ever.

Take a look at the performance of this 180 unit portfolio!  73% of our payments are collected online.  We have four apartments with signed leases and the first month rent paid with the money in the bank even though the move-in dates are Feb 1 and March 1.  And if you were to look into the 9 delinquent tenants you would find only 2 of them owe over $100.

Drexel Properties Dashboard 1

Drexel Properties Dashboard 2

Drexel Properties Dashboard 3

If you are considering outsourcing or changing your property management company, please consider Drexel Properties.  Our range of services include complete property management services, leasing and rehab/development services.

Contact us at Drexel Properties or 773-667-9760

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