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Book Recommendation: Hug Your Haters

Back in October, I had the privilege to meet Jay Baer, author of the recently released book, Hug Your Haters .  Jay is a hilarious orator and has a unique grasp and understanding on approaching marketing and customer service.  Jay explains how you can turn your haters into part of your best marketing tools.

My take away’s are:

  • 80% of Americans trust online reviews
  • Customer service is the new marketing
  • Haters are not your problem…Ignoring them is!
  • Obey the rule of reply no more than twice to anyone who engages you in a complaint
  • Not answering customer complaints decreases customer advocacy

Check out Jay’s presentation, while long, is worth the time to listen:

Jay Bear teaches the following (from his website):

1. The two types of Haters and what they want from you when they complain

2. How to handle trolls

3. How to measure customer service the right way

4. The precise customer loyalty impacts of answering complaints (or not answering) by channel

5. Why you need to answer every complaint, in every channel, every time

6. A specific framework for exactly how to answer private complaints

7. A specific framework for exactly how to answer public complaints

8. Where you should spend most of your time in social media

9. How fast you need to be when responding to customers, by channel

10. The future of customer service, including specialized apps and new technologies

11. Software recommendations for handling online and offline customer service for both small and large businesses


Posted by: drexelproperties on April 6, 2016
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